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What is Senior Care?

Senior care is a general term for care designed to meet the needs of older people. Although aging itself is not a reason to consider senior care, experiencing challenges related to the various diseases or physical and cognitive limitations that accompany aging usually prompts a senior care discussion. The phrase senior care includes everything from healthcare to in-home assistance to senior housing options.

One of the most important elements of senior care is finding the right type of healthcare. Geriatric medicine is healthcare specifically developed for seniors. It is helpful to think about it in the context of other medical fields. For example, children receive medical care from people who  specialize in medical care for kids, also known as pediatricians. Similarly, providers who are trained in geriatric medicine specialize in understanding the needs of, and caring for, older people. In short, geriatric medicine encompasses all of the primary care services that can be provided by internal medicine doctors, such as preventive care and chronic disease management, with the additional benefit of a deep understanding of additional challenges faced by seniors that impact quality of life. 

 Family members are usually the first to recognize a need for specialized senior healthcare. Small changes in health, physical, cognitive, or even emotional abilities may accumulate over time, eventually hindering someone’s ability to do the things they used to do easily, like shop for food, clean the house, or manage the checkbook. On the other hand, sometimes, the need for senior care happens quickly, such as after an unexpected health event like a fall or a stroke that suddenly affects someone’s capacity for self-care. 

There are a number of signs that should encourage you to seek healthcare that specializes in aging:

Cognitive Issues

Physical Problems

Emotional Issues

Although it may be frightening to notice these changes in yourself or a loved one, finding the right healthcare and support can make all the difference. At Welcome Health, we believe that the right healthcare for older people is whole-person, individualized care that diagnoses and treats disease within the larger, equally important context of the values, preferences, and goals of each person. 

In addition to providing primary care that specializes in aging, Welcome Health offers unique resources, programs, and services all designed to specifically address common challenges of aging and help people achieve the things that matter most. 

Welcome Health provides home-based primary care to older people in Los Angeles through house calls and virtual visits. Visit welcomehealth.org to learn how healthcare that specializes in aging can jumpstart your journey towards a happier, healthier life. Welcome Health accepts original Medicare and some Medicare Advantage plans.

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