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senior citizens having fun together

Benefits of social connectedness as we age

When it comes to senior health, experts are quick to share advice on maintaining physical wellness through good diet and exercise. But did you know that having an active social life can improve your overall health and well-being, too? It’s

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aging in place

Aging In Place: A Guide

While it’s no secret that aging changes everyone, we do have final say on how we react to those changes. As people age, they tend to feel a stronger desire to keep the familiar close. Many seniors feel connected to

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tips and tricks to keep your mind sharp

Tips and Tricks To Keep Your Mind Sharp

You may remember learning compass points as a child by using the popular phrase, “Never Eat Shredded Wheat. This acronym is known as a mnemonic device–a tool that helps us remember certain facts or large amounts of information. Mnemonics not

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preventing falls

Preventing Falls As You Age

Anyone can fall. Although we can’t prevent falls entirely, we can help you identify some common causes for falls, how to decrease your risk for them, and how to prevent serious injury if you do fall.  Falls are very common.

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Hydration and your health

Hydration And Your Health

Water is essential to many bodily functions, including lubricating our joints and pumping blood. But it’s also responsible for so much more than that, which is why the advice to “drink 8 glasses a day” has become a familiar mantra

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why house calls are important

The Benefits of House Calls

Welcome Health Medical Group  People might remember doctors making house calls “back in the day”. In fact, by the 1930s, doctors performed almost half of patient visits in people’s homes. By the end of the 20th century, that number decreased

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Reinventing Geriatric Healthcare

Introducing Welcome Health Our difference. At Welcome Health, we deliver the primary care that adults aged 65 or older deserve. Believing that dignity, quality of life, and quality of care go hand in hand, we built Welcome Health on the

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What is Senior Care?

Senior care is a general term for care designed to meet the needs of older people. Although aging itself is not a reason to consider senior care, experiencing challenges related to the various diseases or physical and cognitive limitations that

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Tips on Healthy Aging

Of the 54 million Americans aged 65 years and older, about 22% report fair to poor health. But growing older should never be synonymous with poor health and frailty. While it’s no secret that aging increases the risk of developing

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