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Reinventing Geriatric Healthcare

Introducing Welcome Health

Our difference.

At Welcome Health, we deliver the primary care that older people deserve. Believing that dignity, quality of life, and quality of care go hand in hand, we built Welcome Health on the principles of geriatric medicine. A medical specialty designed to address the needs of older people, geriatric medicine highlights the importance of addressing the physical, mental, and social health of older people. Specializing in aging means that, in addition to focusing on preventive care and helping you manage chronic disease, we make it a point to address elements that affect quality of life, like physical limitations, mobility issues, cognitive changes, isolation, and other challenges within the home environment.

We believe that the best healthcare anchors around your priorities. We strive to understand your personal values, life goals, and health objectives. With this relationship foundation, we address your healthcare needs in the context of the most important elements of your life. Each healthcare decision is informed by your values and designed to help you achieve what matters most.   

We come to you.

Most importantly, Welcome Health brings your primary care to you wherever you are. Our clinicians make house calls, perform virtual visits, and have office hours at our clinic, because we believe that all older people have earned the right to respectful, accessible, and convenient primary care.

Most primary geriatric care is grounded in internal medicine. Oftentimes, this type of care ignores patients’ goals and strips them of their autonomy, resulting in care that is reactive and inconvenient. Because primary care wasn’t designed for older adults, these methods oftentimes lead to less than desirable outcomes.

Our philosophy is different.

Get to know our Doctors while they work with you in our clinic, by video call, or in the comfort of your own home. At Welcome Health we believe your priorities should be the foundation of your healthcare.

Keep in-the-know

We want to make it easy for you and your family to stay informed with the latest news. You can join your loved ones appointments through video conference or in person beside them at any time! Download our free information packet for more specific information on Welcome Health!

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