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Why We Started

Ms. J, an 89 year old woman, feels overwhelmed by her medical care. She has a number of different medical problems with 4 different specialists involved in her care and takes what she believes to be too many medications, none of which make her feel any better. Doctors don’t listen to her when she tells them her worries and they rush her out the door when the appointment is over. Furthermore, just getting to the doctor’s office is hard for Ms. J. She doesn’t drive anymore and needs help getting to her appointments but hasn’t been able to coordinate the assistance. Because of all of these challenges, Ms. J hasn’t seen a doctor in 2 years.


We created Welcome Health for people like Ms. J because we believe that seniors deserve better healthcare. In the current landscape of primary care, most older people receive traditional one-size-fits-all healthcare. This internal medicine-based primary care approach treats specific diseases without considering how those diseases, and the treatments of those diseases, affect each person’s quality of life. Specifically designed for seniors, Welcome Health is different. Grounded in the art and science of geriatric medicine, Welcome Health delivers holistic, whole-person care balancing treatment of disease with quality of life, physical function, and what matters most to each person. Welcome health prioritizes our patients’ convenience, concerns, and personal goals.

Primary Care Personalized For You And Your Needs.

For many seniors, traveling to see a physician is challenging. Transportation obstacles, mobility limitations, visual impairment, constraints due to chronic illness, and fear of getting sick prevent many older people from going to their primary care clinic appointments. Welcome Health recognized these challenges and developed a primary care model to help you.

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