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Understanding Geriatric Medicine with Welcome Health

As patients age, they often need more tailored care, highlighting the importance of geriatric medicine and its healthcare professionals.

What is Geriatric Medicine?

Geriatric medicine, often simply referred to as geriatrics, is a branch of medicine focused on the health and well-being of older adults. It emphasizes the unique needs of the elderly, addressing both their medical and psychosocial challenges.

Why is Geriatric Medicine Important?

As we age, our bodies and minds undergo changes that can lead to a range of health issues. Geriatric medicine is crucial because it specializes in understanding these changes, ensuring that older adults receive care tailored to their specific needs. It’s not just about treating illnesses; it’s about enhancing the quality of life.

At What Age Should You Consider Geriatric Care?

While there’s no strict age threshold, many individuals begin considering geriatric care around the age of 65. However, it’s more about individual health needs than a specific age. Welcome Health is here to guide you through this decision, ensuring you receive care when you need it.

What Types of Issues Do Older Adults Face?

Older adults can face a myriad of health challenges, from chronic diseases like diabetes or hypertension to age-related concerns such as mobility issues, cognitive changes, and sensory impairments. Additionally, psychosocial issues like isolation or depression can also be prevalent.

Signs You Might Need Geriatric Care

Cognitive Issues

Physical Problems

Emotional Issues

What is Included in a Geriatric Assessment?

A comprehensive geriatric assessment with Welcome Health includes:

Insurance and Geriatric Care

Welcome Health understands the complexities of insurance, especially when it comes to Medicare. We’re here to guide you through the process, ensuring you maximize your benefits while receiving top-notch care.

Although it may be frightening to notice these changes in yourself or a loved one, finding the right healthcare and support can make all the difference. At Welcome Health, we believe that the right healthcare for older people is whole-person, individualized care that diagnoses and treats disease within the larger, equally important context of the values, preferences, and goals of each person. 

In addition to providing primary care that specializes in aging, Welcome Health offers unique resources, programs, and services all designed to specifically address common challenges of aging and help people achieve the things that matter most. 

Welcome Health provides home-based primary care to older people in Los Angeles through house calls and virtual visits. Visit welcomehealth.org to learn how healthcare that specializes in aging can jumpstart your journey towards a happier, healthier life. Welcome Health accepts original Medicare and some Medicare Advantage plans.

Picture of Dr. Deena Goldwater VP of Care Delivery

Dr. Deena Goldwater VP of Care Delivery

Dr. Deena Goldwater, a cardiologist and geriatrician, trained at one of the nation’s top hospitals and has devoted her career to helping older people manage their health, even when facing multiple chronic conditions.

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