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Start offering in-home primary care for your Medicare eligible clients.

Doctors who see patients in-home and virtually!

  • Reachable – doctors with availability, small maximum panel sizes, and short telephone wait times.
  • Affordable – We are not a concierge practice and accept SCAN, United Healthcare, Medicare FFS with or without supplementals, and now accepting Aetna Medicare PPO effective 1/1/23
  • Convenient – We are one of the only medical groups in Los Angeles and Orange County that provides primary care through house calls and virtual visits.
  • Experts – Our providers are experts in the science of geriatric medicine. This includes diseases and challenges common in seniors, such as dementia, depression, falls, frailty, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, and more!

Let's partner together to give seniors the healthcare they deserve.

We created Welcome Health because we believe that seniors deserve better healthcare. In the current landscape of primary care, most older people receive traditional one-size-fits-all healthcare. This internal medicine-based primary care approach treats specific diseases without considering how those diseases, and the treatments of those diseases, affect each person’s quality of life. 

Specifically designed for seniors, Welcome Health is different. Grounded in the art and science of geriatric medicine, Welcome Health delivers holistic, whole-person care balancing treatment of disease with quality of life, physical function, and what matters most to each person. Welcome health prioritizes our patients’ convenience, concerns, and personal goals.

Could your clients benefit from a doctor who makes house calls?

Welcome Health is a primary care program specifically designed to meet the needs of adults aged 65 or older. We understand that each individual’s healthcare needs are unique, and we are here to provide an exceptional experience tailored to the individual. We strive to help our members get the most out of life by providing comprehensive coverage, personalized care, and access to resources that can help them stay healthy and active. Our members appreciate the personalized care and attention that we provide, and we are committed to helping them get the most out of life.

How to Work With Welcome Health

Have our care team help retain your clients.

Refer us to your current book of business and maximize your retention. Keek your clients in house.

Download Welcome Health Information

Get a brochure to help understand how Welcome Health can work for your clients.

Engage with our agent relations team

Work directly with Welcome Health with events/activities, presentations, and Health talks for your agents.

What clients would benefit from Welcome Health?

Welcome Health Medical Group specializes in home-based primary care for older people through house calls and virtual visits. We prioritize seniors’ areas of concern with science-backed health and wellness plans. With geriatric medicine specialists, health education, counseling, and caregiver support services, our focus is to help patients live life to the fullest!

We are in the process of enrolling with various insurance plans. At the moment, Welcome Health accepts most SCAN health plans as well as Original Medicare, United Healthcare, Medicare FFS with or without supplementals, and now accepting Aetna Medicare PPO effective 1/1/23. Other insurance plans are coming soon. Please call us to learn more.

We specialize in house calls and telehealth visits for people in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Please call to find out if we are able to come to you. 

At Welcome Health, our primary care team is the quarterback of our patients care. Welcome Health PCPs consult best-in-class physicians from all major specialists on your behalf, saving our patients time, money, and the frustration of seeing too many doctors. Through a secure platform, our PCPs send relevant information to specialists, receive treatment recommendations within 24 hours, and then put that plan into action for our patients. This process ensures that, with Welcome Health, all of our patients receive the highest-quality PCP-led care.

In general, patients will be referred to nearby locations for lab and imaging services. For our Medicare Advantage patients, labs can be drawn by Quest or in the home through Phebexpress.

Absolutely! With our patients permission, their family and loved ones can join appointments virtually or in person at any time.

Contact our Care Team to learn more and get started!

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